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Dwarec Mercs on WoW Classic

Rags posted Apr 14, 19

Since we're working on 2016 - Year of Nostalgia, we're creating some characters on Everquest 2.

After raiding pretty hard w/ another guild in EQ, it's made me miss our DM crews more. Please, please, please come play w/ us on the Everquest 2 progression server - Stormhold Progression Server now so we can all level together. K, thx!

Biztalbin wow this is a blast from the past, ran across this and laughed, so Im not even sure what my eq 1 name was it was so damn...
Krac a what starting zone did you guys choose?

Happy Thanksgiving!

[DM]Alethea a posted Nov 28, 15

Happy Thanksgiving, DM! Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Dragons Happy Thanksgiving!
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