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ArcheAge launch tomorrow is free. Come try it out! We're playing on Aranzeb - Nuian or Elf races if you want to be able to play w/ us before lvl 50.
Niah so I downloaded AA, but it seems like they have closed the faction ya'll guys have started with. I guess I'll ...
[DM]Alethea a Send a tell to Blinkor.
[DM]Alethea a We'll be around in Vent if you guys want an invite, etc.

ArcheAge Early Start

[DM]Alethea a posted Sep 11, 14
For those of you joining Early Start for ArcheAge tomorrow, we'll be forming up on Aranzeb server. We'll put updates here and on FB. See you guys there!
keaver ok made Keaver, elf thing. on that server, etc)
Blinkor a As an aside, I'll be chilin' in Vent, if anyone wants to kibitz~
Maxemo looking forward to it... see you at launch (didn't pay for early access)
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